Helen Sutton

BArch (Hons.), Grad DipArch, ARB

Helen has had a wide range of experience from large-scale international commercial and education work to smaller bespoke residential projects. She has led several award-winning co-living and student accommodation projects, and high-end residential schemes in London.


Emma Cornel (Chong)

Senior Architect
BA (Hons.) M.Arch (Hons) Pg Dip. (Dist), ARB

With residential, hotel and restaurant experience across the UK as well as F&B experience internationally, Emma has led numerous projects which are often listed buildings in conservation areas. She has a detail-orientated design style with clear concepts that are reflected in the design and she enjoys balancing the old with the new.


Chris Darby

B.A. (Hons.) M.Arch. PGDip

Chris is an architect at Holland Harvey and joined the practice in 2021. Chris is particularly passionate about visual communication, he loves sketching and drawing, both on the job and in his free time.

Nada Al-Obaidi

Project Architect
BA (Hons.) M.Arch (Hons)

Nada is an architectural designer interested in material-based practices. Her research focuses on the use of earthy materials, particularly stone, and draws inspiration from quarries as evocative spaces of architecture. Nada carries many cities within her and experiences joy and draws inspiration from marine life and other landscapes.

Hannah Parr

B.A. (Hons) M.Arch, PGDip ARB

Hannah is an Architect at Holland Harvey with a background in commercial and residential projects. Her keen interest in the intersection of architectural practice and research has fostered a passion for research-led design, with a particular focus on economic resilience, urban wellbeing, and social inclusion.


Rachael Stocker

Associate (Operations)
B.A. (Hons.) Interior Architecture

Phoebe Mendel

Interior Designer
B.A (Hons), M.A Interior Design

Phoebe is an Interior Designer at Holland Harvey, with a passion for creating stimulating spaces and bespoke furniture pieces. She believes that spaces should actively contribute to the well-being of those who in inhabit them.

Richard Holland

B.A. (Hons.) M.Arch PG.Dip ARB RIBA

Richard is an architect and co-founder of Holland Harvey, his interest lies in designing inspiring homes and hospitality spaces. He views London as the world’s largest refurbishment project, a perspective that fuels his passion for conserving and adapting existing historic buildings to breathe new life into the forgotten.


Michele Prendini

B.A (Hons) M.Arch ARB

Michele is an architect driven by the raw power of design to bolster community resilience. His expertise in social architecture is fueled by a hands-on passion for craftsmanship, enabling the creation of inclusive, sustainable spaces that profoundly enhance community bonds.


Alexis Piponides

Part 1 Architectural Assistant

Alexis is an architectural designer here at Holland Harvey. He assists his team leader in producing various packages from concept to construction. His views focus on the exploration of the synergy between fostering a 'soft economy' and advancing civic and social initiatives within unutilized spaces across London, all accomplished through active community involvement.

Karyn Maxwell

Studio Coordinator
MA (Joint Hons) History of Art and Digital Media & Information Studies

Karyn oversees a diverse array of responsibilities, ranging from finance to marketing, and manages the day-to-day running of the studio. As the ‘go-to’ person, Karyn is an innovative problem solver who leverages a strong passion for sustainability and social equality to devise ethical solutions and partnerships that enhance the studio's culture.


Rory Martin

Part 2 Architectural Assistant
B.A. (Hons.) M.Arch

Rory is an architectural assistant at Holland Harvey and joined the practice in 2022. Rory has a keen interest in designing bespoke joinery and narrative driven design which he likes to explore through iterative hand-sketching and drawing. Rory always strives to create functional and engaging spaces that are sympathetic to their surrounds and the environment.

Elfira The

Associate Director

Alasdair Sheldon

Part 2 Architectural Assistant
B.A. (Hons.) M.Arch

Alasdair has a keen interest for the interplay between architecture and landscape. Passionate about designing spaces that harmonize built environments with natural elements, he values sensitive material selection. He strives to create sustainable and functional space that not only reflects the surrounding environment, but also enhance the experience of occupants.


Jacob Riman

Senior Architect
B.A. (Hons.) M.Arch (Dist)

Jacob is a Senior Architect specializing in delivering international F&B and hospitality projects. He has a passion for designing playful solutions to everyday problems and creating inclusive and productive environments. An avid model-maker, Jacob enjoys experimenting with architectural representation on paper and in 3D.

Francesca Bufano

B.A. (Hons.) M.Arch, PGDip

Francesca enjoys the experimenting through the creation on of joyful spatial experiences and has a commitment to narrative driven design. Her interests are in the role of craftsmanship within contemporary architecture, prioritising low-tech, sustainable solutions towards building materiality. She has experience in a range of sectors, including commercial, residential and the public realm.


Declan Harvey

Project Architect
BA (Hons.) M.Arch (Hons) Pg Dip.

Declan is an architect with experience working on major large-scale projects across multiple sectors including Commercial, Residential and Culture. He has keen interests in sustainability, particularly in re-purposing existing buildings to create new vibrant and diverse spaces which celebrate the buildings heritage throughout.


Anna Jeleniewska

Finance Manager

Lorraine Li

Project Designer
B.A. (Hons.) M.Arch. PGDip

Nikos Koutroulos

BA (Hons.) M.Arch (Hons) Pg Dip

Nikos, an architect at Holland Harvey, merges his passion for contemporary design of retail and hospitality spaces with his interest into temporary architecture and city design. With a keen eye for materials and culture, he crafts spaces and products with distinct character and a strong sense of locality.

Sarah Brighton

B.Sc (Hons.) M.Arch ARB

Sarah has led the design of 160 luxury apartments and the delivery of the Pan Pacific hotel at One Bishopsgate Plaza among other high end residential projects. She has a particular interest in hospitality and interiors focussed projects, maintaining a belief that the interior spaces form an integral and key part of how people experience architecture.

Jonathan Harvey

B.A. (Hons.) M.Arch PG.Dip ARB RIBA


Matthew Mouncey

BArch (Hons) MArch PGDip ARB

Matthew's professional experience encompasses the inception, synthesis, and completion of diverse international, award-winning projects. With a strong foundation in creativity and a keen interest in artistic design, he brings a unique vision to each project, blending innovative concepts with practical solutions. Matthew's work reflects his passion for integrating artistry into architecture.



  • All Greens
  • Aston Rose
  • B Together
  • Beyond Apartments
  • Chin Chin


  • EL&N London
  • Edgewater Contracts
  • Farmer J


  • Gail's Bakery
  • Gymnasium
  • Hooke
  • Hopkins Estates
  • Hub/Bridges Fund Management
  • Inhabit Hotels
  • Interglobe


  • LaGardére Travel Retail


  • Miiro Hotels
  • Montcalm Hotels


  • Panzer's
  • Paris Baguette
  • Park Grand Hotels
  • Precis Advisory
  • Private


  • Shelter from the Storm
  • TTF Group
  • Tate Enterprises
  • Tom Brown



  • Mix Interiors Award, Bar & Leisure (Shortlisted)
    Corner at Tate Modern


  • Dezeen Award, Health & Wellbeing (Longlisted)
    Hooke London
  • FX International Interior Design Award, Bar & Restaurant (Shortlisted)
    Corner at Tate Modern
  • Building Design Architect Employer of the Year (Winner)
    Holland Harvey


  • Brit List Hotel Architect of the Year (Shortlisted)
    Inhabit Queen’s Gardens
  • Dezeen Award, Sustainability (Longlisted)
    Inhabit Queen’s Gardens
  • Ahead Award, New Concept (Winner)
    Inhabit Queen’s Gardens
  • FX International Interior Design Award, Hotel (Winner)
    Inhabit Queen’s Gardens
  • Restaurant & Bar Design Awards, Cafe (Shortlisted)
    El&n Wardour
  • Dezeen Award, Hotel & Short Stay (Shortlisted)
    Inhabit Queen’s Gardens


  • ArchDaily Building of the Year (Nominee)
    K’in Lum Ha


  • Brit List Hotel Architect of the Year (Shortlisted)
    Inhabit Queen’s Gardens
  • RIBA Journal MacEwan Award (Highly Commended)
    Shelter from the Storm


  • AJ Architecture Award, Community & Faith (Shortlisted)
    Shelter from the Storm
  • Restaurant Bar & Design Awards, Cafe (Shortlisted)
    El&n Selfridges


  • Dezeen Award (Shortlisted)
    Cornerstone Hackney


  • AJ Retrofit Award (Shortlisted)
    Old Laundry Room
  • Restaurant & Bar Design Awards, Cafe (Shortlisted)
    Park Street


  • Wood Award, Bespoke Category (Winner)
    Nojo Old Street Underground