Gail's Bakery


Holland Harvey has delivered over 90 bakeries for Gail’s across England. Our working relationship has spanned 10 years, and we continue to work with them to evolve their offering.

Locations vary, from glass skyscrapers to Victorian banks, and each site offers new challenges and requires a unique design response driven by narrative and referencing a sense of place.

Gail's is an established and well-known brand, yet every bakery is different. The common thread is a consistent approach to design that is aligned with the organisation’s values – this includes promoting ethical and responsible sourcing of materials and relationships that we maintain with social enterprises such as Goldfinger and RAW.

Gail's Highgate © Adrian Lambert

Product First

The product is always front and centre, bread is stacked high in the windows or close to the main entrance as a primary indicator that fundamentally the brand is a bakery.

Beyond this, a large table or counter displays an array of savoury and sweet baked goods that are popular both as eat-in or takeaway items.

Gail’s is primarily a retail offering, however, has become well-loved for their dine-in experience. Comfortable seating creating intimate spaces encourage customers to enjoy the spaces.

Their operations have evolved over the years, and we have delivered many iterations of their brief.

Gail's Godalming © Kat Antos-Lewis

Gail's Didsbury © Kat Antos-Lewis

Gail's Woking © Kat Antos-Lewis

Gail's Barnet © Adrian Lambert

Gail's Pimlico © Adrian Lambert

Gail's Barnet © Kat Antos-Lewis

Gail's Strand © Kat Antos-Lewis

Gail's Clifton Village Counter © Kat Antos-Lewis

Gail's Clifton © Kat Antos-Lewis

Gail's Neo Bankside © Ståle_Eriksen

Gail's Didsbury © Kat Antos-Lewis

Gail's Gerrards Cross © Kat Antos-Lewis