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Waste not, want not

Holland Harvey director Jonathan Harvey weighs out the ingredients for our longstanding collaboration with burgeoning ethical ‘neighbourhood bakery’ brand GAIL’s Bakery.


LFA 2023

B Corp & the Built Environment

Thank you to everyone that attended our London Festival of Architecture panel discussion on ‘B Corp and the Built Environment’, with a special thank you to our esteemed panelists and chair for their participation and valuable insights into their B Corp journeys so far.


Business of Architecture


Making Profit with Purpose

In Business of Architecture’s podcast episode, ‘Making Profit with Purpose,’ our co-founders Richard Holland and Jonathan Harvey engage in a compelling discussion about the economic and business advantages that come with achieving B Corp certification. This thought-provoking conversation sheds light on the power of financial transparency and the commitment of Holland Harvey to giving back by pledging to donate 1% of billable hours to the third sector.

Watch the full podcast episode and explore the transformative journey of B-Corp certification and how it can be a driving force for positive change in business.

Making Profit with Purpose podcast episode © Business of Architecture