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Waste not, want not

Holland Harvey director Jonathan Harvey weighs out the ingredients for our longstanding collaboration with burgeoning ethical ‘neighbourhood bakery’ brand GAIL’s Bakery.


LFA 2023

B Corp & the Built Environment

Thank you to everyone that attended our London Festival of Architecture panel discussion on ‘B Corp and the Built Environment’, with a special thank you to our esteemed panelists and chair for their participation and valuable insights into their B Corp journeys so far.




This London destination sets a new standard for sustainable, wellbeing-orientated hotels in the city

Frame Magazine named Inhabit Queen’s Gardens as the “new standard” for sustainable and wellness focused hotels in London. Contributing it to our:

"adaptive use of space and materials in the development of the hotel, demonstrating a commitment to making the design and construction process as sustainable as possible."

Read the full article here.

Lounge and bar © Jack Hobhouse