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Waste not, want not

Holland Harvey director Jonathan Harvey weighs out the ingredients for our longstanding collaboration with burgeoning ethical ‘neighbourhood bakery’ brand GAIL’s Bakery.


LFA 2023

B Corp & the Built Environment

Thank you to everyone that attended our London Festival of Architecture panel discussion on ‘B Corp and the Built Environment’, with a special thank you to our esteemed panelists and chair for their participation and valuable insights into their B Corp journeys so far.


LDF 2022


Circular Design

For the London Design Festival 2022, Director Richard Holland was invited to participate in the panel discussion entitled “Circular Design”.

Taking place within the new Inhabit Queen’s Gardens, a Grade II listed building that has been transformed using sustainable materials, the panel discussion focused on the importance of sustainable craftsmanship and its approach to design.

Panelists for 'Circular Design' at Inhabit Hotels for LDF 2022 © Inhabit Hotels

The panel was moderated by Roddy Clarke, a design writer, consultant and speaker, and Richard was joined by Marie Carlisle, CEO and co- founder of social enterprise and furniture maker, Goldfinger; Anne Rogers from culturexa; and Takiyah Daly, co-executive director from Granby Workshop, who designed a centrepiece fireplace at Inhabit Queen’s Gardens developed using marble from the existing building.

The full panel discussion can be found on Goldfinger’s Instagram.

Panel discussion 'Circular Design' at Inhabit Hotels for LDF 2022 © Inhabit Hotels