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Waste not, want not

Holland Harvey director Jonathan Harvey weighs out the ingredients for our longstanding collaboration with burgeoning ethical ‘neighbourhood bakery’ brand GAIL’s Bakery.


LFA 2023

B Corp & the Built Environment

Thank you to everyone that attended our London Festival of Architecture panel discussion on ‘B Corp and the Built Environment’, with a special thank you to our esteemed panelists and chair for their participation and valuable insights into their B Corp journeys so far.




Sustainable hotel design championed at Inhabit Queen’s Gardens

Our second Inhabit Hotel located in Queen’s Gardens, Paddington, has been featured in Wallpaper* Magazine.

"The newly opened Inhabit Queen’s Gardens, designed by Holland Harvey Architects, is a project conceived using key principles of sustainable hotel design – without compromising on comfort or style. In fact, its sustainable architecture is so well embedded in its making that it’s an aspect you don’t even notice during a visit – natural materials aside."

Maria Gutierrez, the senior architect on the project, explains how its design was inspired, by:

"Celebrating and enhancing the existing heritage building and keeping sustainability at the heart of the project."

You can read the article here.

Inhabit Queen's Garden reception entranceway © Jack Hobhouse featured in Wallpaper*